Does this sound like you?

~ You're a passionate professional with a tonne of content you know can change lives, but don't have a great deal of teaching 'qualifications'.


~ Your top priority is that your clients achieve their goals. You're passionate about your field and the way your content can change lives, so the last thing you want to be known for is a shoddy learning experience. 


~ You're overwhelmed with the amount of content you have and dont know what to do with it. You know there is a product or a range of products you could create and sell, but you have no idea where to start.

What will you learn?

 Learn how to: design an outstanding curriculum, and structure needs-based, outcomes-driven learning experiences that get results. Scaffold the learning journey and plan the course content and materials.You will learn how to create, scaffold and organise outcomes based content, in a simple document that will keep you and your content creation on track, including the marketing language you'll need to help 'sell' the benefits of your content.


In this course there is an introductory lesson, followed by 3 full lessons complete with tutorials, matching podcasts and worksheets. There is also a bonus guest interview with an efficiency expert. 


2.0 Introduction to Curriculum Development

Why bother with this course? In this introductory lesson, we're going to discuss how to scaffold your learning journey into one that is outcomes based, organised, logically sequenced so that your clients are building on their new knowledge and skills, and YOU are staying organised and working efficiently. The final task in this course, is to start your Content and Task Planner - the overview document that summarises all your content, resources and marketing language, and keeps you focused, on track and organised.


2.1 Outcomes Based Modules of Training

In this lesson, you will learn how to create discrete modules of learning that have client centred, realistic goals to work towards.


It's no secret that when there's no goal to work towards, information can easily fly straight over the top of your learners' heads. Give them a concrete goal to reach, mission to accomplish, task to complete, and they'll be more motivated to apply their new knowledge and see the benefits faster. Information without application really, is, not particularly useful!


2.2 Scaffolding

In this lesson, you will learn how to layer the learning experience according to Bloom's Taxonomy, so that you're taking your clients on a learning journey - not just throwing heaps of information at them and hoping something sticks.


It's not just about putting modules or lessons in the right order. It's about understanding how adults learn, and how they learn most effectively by being lead through a learning journey that piques their interest, then keeps them engaged, eager to find out more and get excited about the benefits they'll see when they apply their new knowledge. In short, if you don't know how to effectively scaffold the learning experience, there's a fair chance your clients won't stay engaged in your program, and your completion rates will be low.


2.3 Content and Task Planning

In this lesson you will learn how to stay sane during the content and task planning, creating, delivering and reviewing phases. 


Remember there are lots of different ways to stay organised with your content and it's not necessarily all about digital solutions. Good ol' post-it notes, and huge A1 blank planners are awesome tools I often use with my clients. Get a full tutorial on how to best use a Content and Task Planner, and start with the templates that I use with all my clients. 


2.4 Guest expert interview with Christina Hanna Misfud

BONUS! In this interview, we talk about 'how efficiency and productivity enables you to do things better, quicker and easier, therefore allowing you to CREATE TIME to do whatever you'd like. Efficiency, productivity, organisation and systems are not about being boring or being regimented! They're about showing you better ways of doing things so as to get stuff out of your head, move you out of overwhelm and into a state of flow within life and business so that your precious time is freed up for whatever you'd like to do with it!'


I don't know about you, but the thought of creating a whole heap of content for a course can be somewhat overwhelming - as this course has probably shown you!


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