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Does this sound like you?

~ You're a passionate professional with a tonne of content you know can change lives, but don't have a great deal of teaching 'qualifications'.


~ Your top priority is that your clients achieve their goals. You're passionate about your field and the way your content can change lives, so the last thing you want to be known for is a shoddy learning experience. 


~ You're overwhelmed with the amount of content you have and dont know what to do with it. You know there is a product or a range of products you could create and sell, but you have no idea where to start.

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What will you learn?

Learn how to:  tap into the needs of your clients, so you’ll create the right content and share it in ways they’ll really engage with. Cater to preferred learning styles and modalities. Set realistic expectations for what the learning experience will achieve.  You will learn how to CONNECT with your clients and DEVELOP OUTCOMES BASED PRODUCTS that work. 


In this course there is an introductory lesson, followed by 3 full lessons complete with tutorials, matching podcasts and worksheets. There is also a bonus guest interview with a copywriter. 


1.0 Outcomes Based Product Development

WHY bother with this course? Outcomes based product development is all about knowing the NEEDS of your clients, how they are best going to LEARN that information, and then creating a PRODUCT that is going to be the most effective vehicle to getting the information to them so they can start applying that new knowledge in their lives straight away. This brief introduction will give you an overview of how to apply these 3 steps in your product development plans. 


1.1 Client Profiling for Needs Based Learning

In this lesson, you will learn how to fully get inside your clients' heads, so that you can begin to plan for their needs, to incorporate their specific circumstances including educational backgrounds and industry experience.


What happens when you don't, is that you start creating content for problems you THINK they have, or that you may have had when YOU were going through the same process, but 5 years on, the landscape has completely changed so pitching the same, or trying to solve the same problems still, is completely missing the mark. You may also find that you're telling them things they already know, insulting their intelligence and generally rubbing them up the wrong way. 


1.2 Learning Styles and Educational Theories

In this lesson you will learn how to design for universal engagement, by catering for various learning styles and multiple intelligences.


There are a multitude of different learning styles, and sometimes our preferences change depending on what it is that we're learning. I'd much prefer to watch someone doing something mechanical like changing a tyre, before giving it a go myself, but with cooking? Hand me a recipe and let me work it out for myself! DO you know the preferred learning styles of your clients, for your content? Or are you delivering content that is otherwise brilliant, in a mode that they're simply not interested in? 


1.3 Setting Clear Expectations

In this lesson you will learn how to design all facets of the learning experience so that you and your clients know what to expect and where the boundaries are. 


And when  you don't? Hold your hats. A myriad of complaints and miscommunications over what people thought they were getting, and all that leads to is your reputation getting a name for itself that in all honesty, you don't really deserve. Terms and Conditions are imperative but even before that, understanding exactly what you're delivering is crucial if you're going to clearly communicate that to your prospective clients. Under promise, over deliver, a sure fire recipe for referrals based business booming! 


1.4 Guest Expert Interview with Kris Emery:

BONUS! In this interview you can listen in, and learn how to bring clarity to your copy, so that you can tap into your clients'  needs, speak their language and be able to communicate clear expectations regarding the user experience. In essence, this interview brings together everything from this course on PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: how to develop an outcomes based product that really speaks to your clients, from the perspective of a copy editor.


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