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Does this sound like you?

~ You're a passionate professional with a tonne of content you know can change lives, but don't have a great deal of teaching 'qualifications'.


~ Your top priority is that your clients achieve their goals. You're passionate about your field and the way your content can change lives, so the last thing you want to be known for is a shoddy learning experience. 


~ You're overwhelmed with the amount of content you have and dont know what to do with it. You know there is a product or a range of products you could create and sell, but you have no idea where to start.

What will you learn?

Learn how to: create referrals based businesses, by systemising and packaging your expertise into quality learning experiences; also, assess your preparedness to embark on the content creation journey.


In this free course, there are 4 full lessons complete with 5 tutorials, their matching podcasts, and 4 worksheets or e-Books.


With the:

1. Content Creation Checklist

...you will learn how to assess how prepared you are for the content creation journey.


Have no idea where to start? Never done this content creation thing before? Don't have a great deal of training or teaching experience? Use this quick self assessment tool, the Content Creation Checklist, to find out which areas you could use some help in.

Just want a quick summary? Check out this article, which explains the 12 biggest mistakes you can make if you're not prepared before you create your content.


With the:

2. Blueprint & Video Series:

12 Steps to Creating Quality Learning Experiences 

...you will learn how to create quality content that is helpful, engaging and makes you stand out as the go-to professional in your field.


20 years of international experience and qualifications in education and training, synthesised into 4, short videos. The philosophy under which I work with my clients, and the basis of the Library. Plan quality learning experiences with this 12 Step Blueprint, based on the Foundations of Best Practice teaching and learning. 

Not sure you need to worry about quality? Check out this article, which explains what happens when your training skills aren't up to scratch.

Not sure whether the 12 Steps are for you? Check out this article, which gives you a brief overview of the 12 Steps, within the FOUNDATIONS 4 PILLARS e-Course.


With the:

3. Tutorial: Systemising and Selling Your Expertise

...you will learn how to collate and package your existing knowledge into a range of educational products and services. 


You know you have enough to create a product out of, but you're confused, frustrated and have no idea where to start. Follow this simple 6 step process to organise, systemise  and sell your content.

Not sure whether you need a Content Organising Tool? Check out this article 'Content development made easy', which shows you how using this tool  helped my clients sort out years of expertise, skills, experience and resources, and go from tears of frustration, to tears of joy. This article also gives a summary of this lesson.


With the:

4. E-Book: Learn 5 Quick Training Tips

...you will learn how to get the most out of the training and education industry.


This e-book gives you my top 5 tips for staying sane, and getting the most out of a career in teaching and training, whatever your field, wherever you are, and who ever you're helping. 

Not sure whether you're really ready for a career in teaching or training?  Have a read of this article, 'Teaching Tips if you want to create real change in the world' where I explain a gorgeous piece of artwork which summarises our industry, and that was created specifically with all teachers in mind. 


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