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Giving Back

Part proceeds from this 'BASICS' Level, go directly to funding teaching resources for underprivileged schools. Every year, I knock on the doors of schools in communities that don't have access to quality teacher training and professional development programs, and provide free teacher training workshops and much needed classroom resources.

Find out more about the 'Giving Back' program, and ways you can help, here.


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Creating a small business consultancy based on your skills, expertise and experience?

Learn how to systemise and sell your expertise with a bank of small business wisdom. 




Ready to create a quality learning experience out of your expertise? 

Learn how to design, deliver and continuously improve your outcomes based courses, workshops and presentations. 

BONUS: Every course purchased in the FOUNDATIONS Level, comes with complimentary access to the BASICS Welcome Gifts and Starter Pack. 





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Struggling with the everyday reality of educating and training your learners? 

Learn how to use time proven systems, apps, tech hacks, group facilitation skills and group activities.

Need specialist help in the areas of Teacher Training, ESL, TESOL, Academic English, Language Development and Assessment? 

Bespoke modules of content for clients with a diverse range of backgrounds and special needs. 


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