Confused by what systems, technology, activities or strategies you should be using in your educational business?

Bored by the same old activities you use over and over again?


Learn how to produce quality videos and presentations, create engaging online learning products and spaces,

motivate your clients to engage with each other, finish the content, and produce outcomes they're proud of.


 Does this sound like you?

You've got a clients galore and you're struggling to keep up with their notes, contracts, where they're at in their program and you're still creating content while going insane trying to keep it all organised.


You know you have fantastic content but the thought of getting it into an online offering terrifies you: how to take videos or edit learning materials quickly so they look professional and you're not losing sleep trying to work out the technical side of things.


Your group learning sessions have become a bit lack lustre and you're looking for fun, easy ways to lighten the mood, get people engaged and encourage your clients to nail some long awaited results.


You've hit a bit of a stumbling block in sessions; your classes aren't gelling, your clients are working at cross purposes or the whole program just doesn't seem to be 'clicking' the way you thought it would be. 


There are 4 courses COMING SOON that may be able to help you.

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Content and Client Systems


Learn how to: stay organised and efficient by using economical systems, programs and apps that help you manage your clients, their progress and all your content including blogs, lessons, programs and feedback mechanisms.

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Apps & Tech Solutions


Learn how to: produce high quality presentations, webinars, group learning experiences and video tutorials, for online and offline clients. Learn about free or low cost ways of enhancing client engagement. 


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Group Learning Activities


Learn how to: facilitate group learning activities where clients are learning, discussing, and achieving their outcomes based goals. Learn the art of how to create discussions, debates and shared group learning experiences.


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Advanced Facilitation Skills

Learn how to: master the art of facilitating group learning by addressing factors that may affect performance such as behaviour issues, a lack of confidence or team work skills, cultural misunderstandings and motivation issues.  

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Simone Samuels copy

   Maria is not only passionate and enthusiastic, but she is also extremely professional in all the work that she does. 

Maria has widespread experience in the education industry, which means she brings to the table a breadth of experience from all areas of doing business in this field. 

From English teaching, to teacher training, and project management, Maria’s wealth of knowledge lends her perfectly to this business she has now built with Creating Quality Learning Experiences.
You can be sure that you will given 5-star treatment no matter what service you choose to use while Maria is at the helm.
Simone Samuels, 

Academic Programs 
Manager, IALF JakartaIndonesia


Ten minutes on the phone with Maria was enough to convince me that I needed her help to get my course out of my head and into the world in the form of a fabulous learning experience.

I’ve worked with her for over 24 hours now, and she is far and away the best investment I have made in my business. She’s THE expert for all things learning (including online courses), but she’s also part business coach, part marketing copy expert, part personal cheerleader. 


People like Maria are very rare in the online learning world. She is genuine, passionate, professional, a pleasure to work with and now I can’t imagine working without her. When I’m ready to make my next round of training, Maria will be the first person I consult. 


Lacey Filipich, Director,

You will receive...


These courses are for you if...

you're ready to get organised, use systems that reduce your workload, use apps and simple tech hacks that will save you time, headspace and money. Get the low down on how to quickly and efficiently produce quality DIY learning materials - from recording to bringing your content all together into a professional, engaging your video tutorial. Learn how to facilitate quality learning experiences with a room full of people, online or offline, keeping them engaged and motivated by communicative activities that get to the heart of learning - not just mindless worksheets, but solo, pair and group activities that generate discussion, ah-ha moments and tangible outcomes based results. Access to this course includes a live 'REQUEST IT' forum, where members will be given the chance to request and vote on the next training be added to the Library.

 Or maybe you'd prefer to check out the other Levels in the Library... 


Learn how to systemise and sell your expertise, with a bank of small business wisdom, delivered to you by a range of experts who can help you create a location independent consultancy based on your expertise, skills and experience. 


Learn how to organise your expertise into quality learning experiences: design, structure, deliver and continuously improve your outcomes based courses, workshops, presentations or information products.


Bespoke modules of content for clients with a wide range of backgrounds and special needs, including 

ESL, TESOL, Language, Culture and Communication Skills.